Mattress Reviews

mattress reviewsThe Mankato Mattress Man has expanded his brand beyond his store over the last two years. Seeing the growing trends towards online mattress shopping, Justin noticed an opportunity to take his vast knowledge of mattresses and apply them to this expanding market.

Along with his wife, Crystal, they have built a new brand that focuses on mattress reviews. This venture has allowed him to help others beyond the Southern Minnesota area. As well as share his years of experience with a broader array of people.

Our Sleep Guide:

Justin and Crystal’s online mattress review site, Our Sleep Guide, has helped many people find a better night’s sleep. This site focuses on every style of mattress sold online. Including hybrids, memory foam, latex and every in between. The focus is on the details as well as the individuals trying to find a new mattress. Making sure all the important information is relayed and any questions answered.

Each mattress is thoughtfully reviewed with Justin’s expert eye for mattress details. And Crystal ability to convey each and every thought in their written mattress reviews. Not to mention the in depth video reviews also competed for almost all the mattresses too. By sharing their own experiences from start to finish allows for an insightful and honest opinion on every feature.

Starting with the delivery and unboxing process all the way to the trial period and warranty. Each mattress is scrutinized from it’s comfort and materials to it’s edge support and value. And every other aspect important to look at during the deciding process.

Justin has been able to take the years of hearing what is important and necessary in a mattress direct from his customers. And what makes for a good value as well as a durable and comfortable mattress for years to come. This personal insight has given him a quick and easy idea of how a mattress will work for the majority of sleepers and help find the best rest for any sleeper.