Big Fig Mattress Review

The Big Fig mattress is designed for sleepers with a larger figure, up to 1,000 pounds of combined weight to be exact. Its success lies in its focus on using high-quality materials, durable construction, and creating ample support and optimal comfort. Not to mention, the Big Fig addresses a common issue among larger sleepers when it comes to the average “bed-in-a-box” mattress.

Below you’ll also find our comprehensive review of the Big Fig mattress. We’ll go over how this mattress performs in terms of comfort and support as well as temperature regulation, motion transfer, and much more.

big fig mattress review

Materials & Construction:
  • 6 Layers, 13 Inches Thick
  • Latex & 3 Poly Foam Layers of Comfort
  • 8″  Coil System & Base Foam

The Big Fig mattress is about 13 inches thick, which is slightly above average for industry- standard hybrid mattresses. This particular hybrid contains a thick, durable coil system and layers of extremely dense foams. The top layer consists of ThermoGel-treated fabric that works to lower body temperature and create an overall cool sleeping surface.

Beneath that is a layer of gel-infused latex foam that also contributes to temperature regulation by being perforated for comfort and ample airflow. 3 smaller layers of high-density poly foam provide maximum comfort in the Big Fig mattress and won’t sag over time.

The bottom half of the Big Fig mattress has a coil system is about 1600 individually wrapped coils, about 50% more than the average innerspring mattress, in a King size. A layer of high density, 80 ILD Edge Foam provides extra strength and support, while the Big Fig foundation (included with every order) offers optimal support 5x the weight of a standard mattress foundation.

Sleeping on the Big Fig Mattress:

We definitely felt the support and durability in the Big Fig mattress. The comfort layers are very dense, and the quilted top and latex allowed some give. We think the Big Fig mattress would be ideal for stomach and back sleepers, but if you are a small or petite person it may not be as comfortable for side-sleeping. Anyone who prefers a medium-firm, dense feel will find comfort and support in this mattress!

Comfort & Support:
  • Universal Medium Feel – Medium Firm for Lighter Sleepers
  • Dense Comfort Foams & Responsive Latex
  • Solid Support in EVERY Material

The Big Fig mattress combines a sophisticated coil system with specialty foams to create a universally comfortable mattress. For back sleepers, it’ll provide enough support and sink to alleviate pressure and make a sleep surface that cradles your lumbar and shoulders. Side sleepers will also find the Big Fig comfortable, as it allows their shoulders and hips to perfectly sink in. Since the Big Fig is very dense and sturdy, stomach sleepers may also find it comfortable.

The Big Fig mattress is specifically designed to cater to people with larger body masses. It’s thickness and sturdiness provides enough support and durability.

Temperature Regulation:
  • ThermoGel Cover: Cool to the Touch
  • Dense Foams: Less Sink
  • Heat Dissipating Coil System

Like most hybrid mattresses, the Big Fig mattress contains features to help regulate body temperature and reduce heat. The ThermoGel fabric cover offers a “cool to the touch” experience, while the layer under that contains gel-infused perforated latex that works to keep the surface cool as well.

The Big Fig also uses very dense, durable materials to reduce the amount of sink you feel in the mattress. The less sink, the less heat retention. You’ll be able to stay more on the surface and receive ample airflow!

Motion Transfer:
  • Minimal Motion Transfer
  • Dense, solid foams absorb movement
  • Pocketed coils

When sleeping on the Big Fig mattress, you’ll notice little to no disturbance throughout the night.

This hybrid mattress contains individually wrapped coils within the support system that are also covered by several inches of foam. The wrapping and foam layers work to absorb vibrations and thus reduce movements felt throughout the sleeping surface. Additionally, the foams underneath the latex layer will absorb the majority of vibrations and create minimal motional transfer.

Edge Support:
  • Very durable materials and great edge support
  • Fully usable sleeping surface
  • Sitting is even fine

The Big Fig goes above and beyond to create a dense and durable edge. The coil system possesses a very dense edge-support foam around the mattress’s perimeter, which creates a durable edge that most boxed mattresses lack.

The edge support will feel very stable and provide a usable sleeping surface from edge to edge. You’ll notice a consistent feel across the top of the mattress, and that the added support around the coils creates a solid and smooth space for dense comfort layers.

Even for sitting, the Big Fig exceeds expectations. Compared to other online mattresses, it has above average edge support for sitting.

Delivery & Off Gassing:
  • Included White Glove Delivery Service
  • Takes about 5-6 weeks to get from placing your order

The Big Fig mattress ships free and is delivered to your door using a white glove delivery service. However, we must note that when purchasing the Big Fig, it may take about 5-6 weeks total before your mattress shows up at your door. When we ordered ours, it was 2-3 weeks before it reached a distributor, then from there another 3 weeks before we received it. So if you’re interested in purchasing the Big Fig mattress, make sure you’re willing to wait about 5-6 for its delivery.

Off Gassing:

  • Very minimal

Since the Big Fig mattress is not roll-packed and made in the USA, you’ll notice very minimal to no off gassing when unboxing it. We do recommend letting it breathe a bit before putting on your bedding. Otherwise off gassing won’t be an issue.


This mattress in a queen size runs at $1699, which includes free delivery, a 101-night trial period and 20-year warranty. The Big Fig also comes with a durable foundation and steel frame. Th high-quality materials and exceptional comfort of the mattress make it a good value. Make sure you click on the image below the latest pricing to also get the latest coupon.

Latest Pricing

  • California King – $1999
  • King – $1999
  • Queen- $1699
  • Full – $1499
  • Twin XL – $1399
  • Twin – $1299

Trial Period & Warranty:
  • 101 Night Trial Period
  • 20 Year Warranty

The Big Fig mattress offers a 101-night trial period. This is more than a sufficient amount of time for you to decide if you like the feel of the Big Fig mattress.

It also has a 20-year warranty. Which is twice as long as industry standard. This shows that Big Fig is confident in its product. As well as willing to go the extra mile to extend a generous warranty.

Big Fig Mattress Conclusion:

The Big Fig mattress might be a good choice for you if:

  • You have a larger body mass and want a well-constructed, dense and durable mattress
  • If you prefer a medium-firm feeling hybrid with thick materials and a sturdy foundation and frame
  • You don’t mind the extra bit of cash for a sturdy mattress that is delivered and setup for you, and offers a generous trial period and warranty

For more information, latest pricing and to shop, please visit Big Fig HERE!

Big Fig Mattress Rating
  • Materials & Construction
  • Comfort & Support
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Delivery & Off Gassing
  • Value
  • Trial Period & Warranty

Big Fig Overall

Overall the Big Fig is going to be a great mattress for any larger sleeper looking for durable and well made bed. Even if you aren’t bigger but want a very supportive and high quality bed this is one to consider.