Bear Hybrid Mattress Review

Bear Mattress is a US-based online mattress company that debuted its original Bear mattress in 2017. Its mission is to create mattresses engineered for top performance, and using the best blend of materials Bear Mattress is able to fulfill this goal. They’ve created a bed that is the perfect balance of soft and firm, and has ideal support, contouring and pressure relief. Additionally, the Bear mattress is designed to help the body recover from daily activities.

Now in 2018, Bear Mattress is proudly introducing its brand new, Bear Hybrid Mattress! This mattress is not only luxurious but also supportive and embedded with advanced materials that make it a top-performing hybrid mattress.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive review on the new Bear Hybrid mattress. Keep reading below to find out this bed performs in terms of comfort, motion transfer, off gassing, and more.

bear hybrid mattress review

Materials & Construction:
  • 4 Layers, 14.5″ Thick
  • Foam and Coil Construction

The Bear Hybrid mattress is 14.5 inches thick and offers a medium feel. It contains a thick layer of performance foam that is responsive and contouring as well as a layer of gel-infused memory foam that provides pressure relief. These two foam layers combined work with the mattress’s 1300+ mini pocketed coil system to provide durability and comfort. This than sits on top of several inches of thick, dense base foam that creates a solid foundation for years of great sleep.

Additionally, the Bear Hybrid features a hand-tufted, quilted Celliant cover. Celliant is an amazing material supposed help your body recover. This particular feature makes the Bear Hybrid stand out as a mattress superior in quality and comfort. Not to mention, it is designed for every type of sleeper—back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, etc.

Sleeping on the Bear Hybrid Mattress:

When we slept on the Bear Hybrid, we noticed how nicely it adapted for every shape, size, and sleeping position. The foam-coil combo makes a well-balanced sleeping surface that was not only comfortable, but also quite supportive. All in all, we think the Bear Hybrid is a fantastic mattress that can appeal to a broad range of sleepers. Despite its availability in one firmness option, the Bear Hybrid succeeds in creating the ideal comfort so many desire.

Comfort & Support:
  • Ideal Medium Feel
  • Great for All Sleeping Positions
  • Good for All Shapes & Sizes

The Bear Hybrid combines several performance foams with a micro coil system. This allows for optimal comfort and support. The base is also sturdy, and the coils make it easy to move and dissipate heat.

On the comfort scale, the Bear Hybrid falls around a 5.5 to 6—1 being the softest, and 10 being the firmest. This is about a medium to medium firm feel and works perfectly for all sleeping positions. Side sleepers will find the perfect balance of softness and support as well as a bit of hug for their shoulders and hips to sink in. Likewise, stomach sleepers will find it just firm enough to keep their backs from bowing. For back sleepers, the Bear Hybrid is an ideal option because of the foams and coils working together to provide optimal comfort and support and pressure relief.

Temperature Regulation:
  • Coil system for great air flow and heat dissipation
  • Breathable Foams
  • Firm enough to keep you from sinking in too much

The Bear Hybrid contains various features that contribute to creating a cool and neutral sleeping surface. Remember, all hybrid mattresses have cooling benefits because they utilize a coil system. Even a micro coil system has the power to make heat disperse.

The mattress’s top layer of Bear Performance Foam is breathable and allows heat to dissipate. This layer works to increase airflow while remaining dense enough to prevent you from sinking in too much. The memory foam is also gel-infused to help maintain a neutral feeling foam. All these materials work together to create a cool, comfortable sleeping surface and keep unwanted warmth or heat to a minimum.

Motion Transfer:
  • Very minimal motion transfer
  • Little to no partner disruption

The Bear Hybrid’s construction slightly differs from most hybrid mattresses. While most hybrids use a thick coil system for core support and durability, the Bear Hybrid uses a base combined of dense base foam and a mini coil system. This does an excellent job at isolating motion. You receive the benefits of a flexible and supportive coil system that is individually wrapped and sandwiched between foam layers. This will create very little to no vibrations throughout the bed. If you share a bed or are a light sleeper, the Bear Hybrid will be a great option for its extremely minimal motion transfer.

Edge Support
  • Solid, durable mattress from every angle
  • Sturdy sleeping surface and stable perimeter

The Bear Hybrid’s edge creates a very usable, consistent sleeping surface. The generous amount of premium layers contributes not only to mattress thickness but also to its solidness. You’ll notice a huge difference in edge support when sleeping on this mattress: it allows you to utilize every inch of the bed, even all the way up to the edge.

Additionally, the Bear Hybrid does a pretty decent job of maintaining support for minimal edge-sitting. So long as sitting on the edge is minimal and infrequent, you won’t have an issue. All in all, the edge support is sturdy and provides great support where needed.

Delivery, Unboxing & Off Gassing:
  • Free Delivery
  • Compressed and Roll Packed

The mattress should arrive at your door in a fairly compact box. We recommend using another set of hands to help you maneuver the mattress, as it will weigh around 110 lbs.


See how easy it easy to unbox the Bear Hybrid mattress in our video below!

Off Gassing:

  • Minimal Off Gassing and Odors
  • USA made product

When unboxing your Bear Hybrid mattress, you will notice very minimal off gassing. Most boxed mattresses have a distinct smell, but once they’re allowed to expand and breathe, the odors disperse. Since the Bear Hybrid is made in the USA, its off gassing will be reduced significantly; it will have spent less time wrapped up in a box.

We’d like to note that the Bear Hybrid takes about 1-2 days to fully expand and firm up. Please keep this in mind when sleeping the first few nights!


In a queen size, the Bear Hybrid costs $1,350. This includes free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial and 20-year warranty. Given the extremely advanced materials, optimal comfort level and durability of this mattress, this is an incredible value!

Latest Pricing:

  • Queen – $1,350
  • King – $1,650
  • California King – $1,650

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bear hybrid mattress review

Trial Period & Warranty:
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 20 Year Warranty

The Bear Hybrid offers a 100-night trial period, which obeys industry standard. This is just a little over three months, which is more than enough time to try it out and decide if it’s working well for you! In the event you are not satisfied with your Bear Hybrid mattress, Bear Mattress has a simple return process.

This mattress also comes with a 20-year warranty, which is slightly above industry standard. The warranty is prorated to coincide with the natural wear of the mattress over time. Considering the warranty is above average, we can conclude that Bear Mattress truly believes in the quality and durability of its hybrid mattress.

Bear Hybrid Conclusion: 

The Bear Hybrid mattress might be a good choice for you if:

  • You want a thick hybrid mattress that is comfortable and supportive
  • If you want a mattress with a Celliant cover to help you recover from an active lifestyle
  • You’re looking for a well-priced mattress that is comfortable, durable, and has a slightly longer warranty than most mattress companies.

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Bear Hybrid Mattress Rating
  • Materials & Construction
  • Comfort
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Motion Transfer
  • Edge Support
  • Delivery & Off Gassing
  • Value
  • Trial Period & Warranty

Overall Rating:

The Bear Hybrid mattress is great for almost all sleepers. This super thick and durable mattress has one of the most ideally comfortable and supportive feels out there. This mattress is sure to impress anyone looking for a perfect medium feeling bed that has just enough contour and hug. Not to mention other great benefits that make it a great bed.