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Justin Roberts, proud owner of the Mankato Mattress Man, opened his store in 2008. His goal was to bring low price mattresses and great customer service to the Mankato area. He does this by keeping his overhead as low as he can. Some of the ways he is able to do this is by not having an overly glamorous showroom, unloading his weekly semi trucks himself and by being the one that comes to your door to deliver your mattress. This is the kind of work ethic that the mattress man has and it’s this strong work ethic that allows him to keep prices down and pass along the savings to his customers.

The mattress man has become a part of the community the last nine years by getting involved and making many donations to various organizations. Some of these donations include Benches Humane Society, 103.5 Real Countries “Make Someone’s Monday” as well as several other local causes. Many of these contributions have focused on organizations that are important to him. One in particular, Benches Humane Society, has a special spot because of the mattress man’s love for his own dog. Many customers have come in from time to time to find a friendly little schnoodle, McGuire, that greets them at the door and can even help them in their mattress search by curling up next to them while trying out the beds, if they would like.

Since opening his shop in 2008 Justin has had some new additions to the Mankato Mattress Man family, including a Mrs. Mankato Mattress Man and the newest addition to the team, Lily, his beautiful baby girl. If customers happen to come at the right time they may get to meet her while she is visiting her Dad who is busy working and helping people try and find their perfect mattress.

The mattress man wants each of his customers to find the best mattress for what suits their needs. His goal is to have each person feel knowledgeable about what they are laying on and purchasing to try and ensure they are happy with their decision. He feels that by having each customer take their time to try the floor models, being able to ask plenty of questions and feeling comfortable in a non-pressured environment will enable the overall experience to be fantastic for everyone. This mentality has earned him the title of “Mankato’s Best Of” award for the best place to buy a mattress in the Mankato area in 2015 and 2016, thanks to the wonderful customers who voted for him.

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